Pitch Wars Mentors: I want to be your mentee


Okay, first things first: The book shown in the picture above? It’s totally real and sitting on the shelf in Hayden Library at Arizona State University. Poor Sven Sandstrom. He “obiosly” could have used a Pitch Wars Mentor!


So here’s about me:

I’m Kelly from Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up as a voracious reader and loved to write. In school, I was the nerd who couldn’t wait for the teacher to assign book reports. The one who entered every school essay contest. After high school, I started college in the creative writing program at ASU. At the time, I really struggled. I was hyper-sensitive to any criticism and had a hard time with the program. Don’t stop reading here because I’ll come back to this later!

I ended up changing my major to graphic design. Since then, I’ve worked in the marketing departments of a bunch of companies who make professional haircare product. I love the work and the people. No one is as much fun as writers, but hairdressers come close!

I’ve never lost my love for writing. A couple of years ago I started working on my novel, The White Lehua. I’ve reentered the creative writing program at ASU and just finished my second semester.

I could go on and on about writers like Maggie Stiefvater and Richelle Mead who inspire me as a YA author, but the book that actually made me want to be a writer is this:


It’s called Trixie Belden & The Secret of the Mansion. First published in 1948, it’s the first in a series of detective novels that feature thirteen year-old Trixie Belden. I walked to the library almost every day in the summer between fourth and fifth grades to read each book in the series. If you’ve been to Phoenix in the 100+ degree summer, you know I really loved those books.

I’m happily married and have a wonderful eleven year-old daughter. When I’m not reading or writing, I love to knit – especially hats and gloves. I’m a pop culture junkie addicted to Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and Project Runway. I curse the network exec that cancelled Firefly! I love vintage video games from the 80’s and 90’s, especially turn-based RPG’s like Earthbound. I like to try, and mostly fail, to recreate DIY stuff from Pinterest.


Here are the top ten reasons you want me as your Pitch Wars Mentee:

1 – I have the cutest Yorkie puppy named Cocoa


Cocoa is only seven month old. If you don’t choose me, you will break the tiny heart of a tiny puppy.

2 – I appreciate you


Remember that part about being sensitive to criticism? I’ve really had to deal with that issue on my personal journey. As a result, I think I’ve become more appreciative of the value of constructive criticism and the role it plays in creative growth. I will sincerely appreciate the time you take and the help you provide in polishing my MS.

3 – I’m insanely good at an obscure 1950’s board game called Careers


Seriously, I win every time. And I will teach you my secrets.

4 – I LOVE to network and make writer friends


Here’s me with Hooked author Liz Fichera in case you need proof.

5 – I knit hats and there could be one in your future


Here’s me Disneybounding with my daughter (we’re Captain Hook and Mr. Smee). I made the hat I’m wearing.

6 – I met Alex Trebek


He said something like, “Kelly would be the best mentee any Pitch Wars Mentor could choose.” Or maybe it was, “Do you know where I could get a bottle of water?” It’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure it was the first thing.

7 – I think my MS has some unique elements


I think Polynesian mythology and legends are incorporated into my MS in a unique way. In my imagination it has the Hawaiian Royal Seal of approval.

8 – I work hard


Here’s a plug for David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done. Best time management system ever and I follow it religiously.

9 – I own this mug


Stare deeply into the eyes of the monkey.

10 – I need you


Please, please help me polish my MS!!

  • Jodie Andrefski

    I loved Trixie Belden when I was younger too!!! (Also a huge GG and SPN fan). =)

  • Joanna Meyer

    Oh my gosh you love Trixie Belden????? That means you are AMAZING!! I ADORED them growing up. And I’m in Arizona, too! Mesa/Gilbert area. Good luck with your sub!!

  • Emily

    YAY for PLL and GG! Excited to get to know you even more :).

    • kellydevos

      Thanks you too!! Having so much fun with PitchWars

  • Diana Pinguicha

    YOUR DOG! SO adorable! I love Yorkies – my roommate has one like yours and she’s so sassy and cute.

    Also Earthbound, Project Runway and Firefly? LOVEEEE!

    • kellydevos

      Thanks so much! Cocoa is a cutie 🙂

  • Jeanmarie Anaya

    I read the Trixie Belden series too!!!!! Loved those books! Best of luck with Pitch Wars!

    • kellydevos

      Thanks so much!! You too 🙂

  • Kip Wilson Rechea

    Ooooh, I’d love to hear more about The White Lehua. Love the title! Best of luck in PitchWars!

    • kellydevos

      You too!! I hope you do great 🙂

  • Chris

    I have real love for authors (and anyone else) who grew up in libraries. They were my favorite place as a kid. Well, after museums.

    Also now I really want to play careers. I’ve never seen it before. It looks so delightfully complicated!

    Congrats on the White Lehua! Best of luck in Pitch Wars.

    • kellydevos

      Thanks so much!! Totally recommend Careers, but you have to get the 1950’s version because it has all the mid-century jobs like Uranium Miner, Astronaut and joining the Navy. It’s really funny.

  • lisefrac

    My name is Lise and I may steal your mug 🙂

    Man, libraries. They are such a part of my youth. (The bookmobile, too!) I remember when I still believed I could find real, honest-to-god magic in the stacks if I just knew the right Dewey Decimal number.

    • kellydevos

      I know, right? I don’t think they even teach the Dewey Decimal system in school anymore!!

  • Elliah Terry

    I have to say that is the coolest mug I’ve ever seen!

    • kellydevos

      I know!! It is so good for drinking hot chocolate in the winter. Best of luck to you as well 🙂

  • Emily McKeon

    Can I say how amusing I find it that you live in AZ and knit hats and gloves? My best friend lives out there, too, and does the same thing while telling me how hot it is. 😉

    Best of luck to you!

    • kellydevos

      I chalk it up to a longing for a winter that will never really come 🙂