Expert Advice on Restoring Stressed Summer Tresses

The following article appeared in 202 Magazine.

Expert Advice on Restoring Stressed Summer Tresses

During the summer months, East Valley residents try to beat the heat with activities like swimming, boating and golfing. But all that fun in the sun and lounging poolside can cause major stress to hair, leaving locks damaged, dull and dehydrated.

“In the summertime, when people tend to spend more time in the sun and more time swimming, we see many clients with dry hair and sometimes even breakage,” says Mack Fenn, owner of Tantrum Hair Salon in Gilbert. Experts say that may mean changing your haircare routine to repair the damage.

Gilbert resident, and North American Hairstylist of the Year Nominee, Amy Freudenberg travels extensively, training stylists on dealing with seasonal hair challenges. “One big issue with summer hair is that often mineral deposits, chlorine and chemical residue from sunscreen remain in the hair long after the fun has ended, becoming a source of ongoing damage,” says Freudneberg. “The first step in restoring hair is thorough cleansing.”

Experts recommend a chelating shampoo, a cleanser specifically formulated to deeply clarify hair, at least once per week. “I recommend L’ANZA’s Swim & Sun Daily Chelating Shampoo. It’s gentle, but will work to remove all the after effects of summer activities,” she says.


Next, the hair’s natural moisture must be restored. “Hydration is a major focus here in the salon during the summer,” says Manda Johnson, co-owner of Zynergy Wellness Salon and Boutique in Gilbert. “Moisture is a critical component of healthy hair since it is the key to elasticity,” she says. Elasticity, the hair’s ability to return to its natural shape after being pulled   “I encourage my clients to add a moisture mask like Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Mask to their regimen, which will ensure elasticity and shine,” says Johnson.


Looking for a moisture solution to pack in the beach bag? Fenn suggests L’ANZA’s Healing Moisture products for at-home use. “This series of products uses Polynesian moisturizers like Kukui Nut and Noni Fruit to actually help heal the hair,” he says.

If hair has become so damaged that it is breaking off, more aggressive action may be required. “If hair is breaking, be very careful how you brush or comb it,” warns Freudenberg. “Consider using a detangling product, like L’ANZA’s Trauma Treatment, then hold hair near the scalp while you brush to reduce tension,” she says. To treat this problem, use a protein treatment like Moroccanoil’s Restorative Hair Mask, which uses vegetable-based proteins to rebuild elasticity and repair hair.


Want to jump start the healing process? Consider an in-salon treatment. At Tantrum Salon, stylists are experts in L’ANZA’s Ultimate Treatment. “For existing clients, we often automatically make the Ultimate Treatment a complimentary part of their service during the summer as we consider it part of our mandate to ensure hair stays in great shape year round,” notes Fenn. During the treatment, a stylist cleanses hair with a professional-quality chelating shampoo and custom blends a conditioning treatment.

Stylists at Zynergy offer both the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask and the Restorative Hair Mask as part of an in-salon treatment. “With the purchase of either of these masks for at-home use, we start the renewal process with a complimentary in-salon treatment that includes a scalp massage and warm towel treatment,” says Johnson. “This provides us with a great opportunity to discuss with the client how the mask should be used at home, and offer a lasting solution to the client’s hair hydration issues.”