White Lehua Inspiration

During a few trips to the Big Island of Hawaii, I took some inspiration images of locations featured in my manuscript, The White Lehua.


This is Green Sand Beach, the site of Sam and Claire’s first kiss. When we visited in the afternoon, it was completely deserted like this.


This is Kealakekua Bay, the site of Dr. Wells’ drowning. The monument to explorer Captain James Cook can be seen in the background. This boat was the inspiration for Sam’s ship, the Trade Winds. I photoshopped the name on there because I am a geek like that. 🙂


This is a baby pineapple. Until I saw this, I had no idea how pineapple grew. I sort of imagined that they grew out of the ground like radishes or something. But, nope, they sprout like this and then eventually become so heavy they wind up resting on the ground.


This is a mockup I made of Frank’s journal including a sketch of The Bowl of Light by my amazing artist uncle, George Pavelich.


This is a tiki of the Hawaiian God, Ku. He is the god of war.