Magic and Mistletoe: Holiday Spirit Awards


Are you bursting with holiday spirit? Or do you need a little boost this season? Either way, MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME is a great book to have around. This is an excellent collection of twelve holiday-themed short stories by Young Adult writers and edited by bestselling author, Stephanie Perkins. Although there is a wide variety of takes on the holidays, all of the stories have a hint of romance and show characters in the process of discovering what really matters to each of them.

I’ve teamed up with book blogger extraordinaire, Riki Cleveland, to come up with our favorite moments from the collection. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to win a copy of this book, along with a $20 Amazon gift card, as part of my raffle over at The Writer Diaries. And now, without further ado, The Holiday Spirit Awards…

Best Appearance by Santa
And Kelly’s winner is… The narrator in “Your Temporary Santa”
It’s tempting to talk about “Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me” here. But my favorite appearance by Santa is David Levithan’s Jewsish teen who dresses up as St. Nick to help out his boyfriend. The message is understated and poignant.

And Miss Riki’s winner is… Santa in “Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me”
The story of how Santa finds little Eleanor in a basket with a note and just cannot seem to let her go is one of my favorite moments in the anthology. I can just imagine the figure I see as Santa having such a big heart as to take in a child, and this moment is everything I love about the holiday season.

Most Awesome Homage to a Pop Culture Figure
And Kelly’s winner is… Ned Flanders in “What The Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth”
Charlie Brown and Krampus both make an appearance in this book. But in Gayle Forman’s story, Ned Flanders helps two lonely teens find each other.

And Miss Riki’s winner is…
I completely agree with Kelly on this one. Ned Flanders’ appearance in this story is a key turning point and my favorite pop culture reference in the anthology. And the idea that he brings two lonely people together? Priceless.

Best Location
And Kelly’s winner is… Christmas, CA in “Welcome to Christmas, CA”
I know the main character in Kiersten White’s story, Maria, starts out hating Christmas, CA but a small town where it’s Christmas year round sounds perfect to me!

And Miss Riki’s winner is… the Rebel Yell in “Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus”
I absolutely loved this little dinner theater and the show it features, where they serve fried chicken and beer in feed buckets. It’s not the most Christmassy of locations, but it was the best setting for me in the whole anthology, and I loved the idea of a rodeo being featured there, with clowns and rousing musical numbers! I’d totally visit the Rebel Yell on Christmas Eve for a little pre-holiday show!


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