Update 1: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

By now, it’s old news that Netflix will be bringing us a Gilmore Girls revival this November. I’m still pretty much dying though because GG is one of my favorite things ever!!

While we wait for Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life, my daughter, Evelyn, and I decided to do a complete rewatch of the series. As we were binging, we were once again struck by the depth of Rory Gilmore’s reading and by all the books referenced by the show.

So we embarked on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge where we plan to read all of the books featured on Gilmore Girls. If you want to see the whole list, check it out over on BuzzFeed. We’ll be posting our updates from time to time. And in the spirit of the show, we’ll be using our Gilmore Girls nicknames! My daughter, Evelyn, who is 13 and soon to be in the 8th grade will be known as Tookie Clothespin, while I will be called Squeegy Beckinheim.


Tookie Clothespin

Book read: 1984 by George Orwell


Gilmore Girls Connection: Mentioned in Season 4, Episode 7 (“The Festival of Living Art”) by Sookie. Lorelai shows Sookie the baby box she put together for Rory in 1984. Sookie mistakenly thinks that Lorelai is mentioning the book and not the year that Rory was born.

Tookie says: For our first book, I read 1984. I definitely enjoyed most of it, and I think Rory did too! However, she was probably able to gloss over the propaganda like instances of social justice mentioned in the book. I caught onto that a lot in the finishing pages of the novel. It seemed to me that Orwell was rather “in your face” about the social change he wanted to bring about. But, he didn’t provide a good plan of action for this rebellion, as [SPOILER] Winston himself succumbs to the system! That was probably my main issue with the book, is that Winston betrayed Julia and their relationship is destroyed. Rory, on the other hand, would probably have viewed this as profound and necessary to the plot of the book. To that I say, “To each her own.”


Squeegy Beckinheim

Book: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon


Gilmore Girls Connection: I can’t figure out for the life of me what episode this is mentioned in. When we get to it in our rewatch, I’ll update this post.

Squeegy says: This is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. It generally follows the exploits of Josef Kavalier and Sam Clay as they create an incredibly successful comic book, The Escapist, and struggle with what it means to be Jewish in the late 1930’s – at the height of Nazi power. But it’s honestly about every aspect of existence and the writing is nothing short of amazing. It somehow managed to make me laugh and cry – sometimes at the very same time. As a writer, I’m in complete awe of the way that the characters are handled in this book, especially the way that they are so rich with strengths and weaknesses. I think Rory probably loved this book an spent tons of time underling passages and making margin notes.

What about you? Are either of these books on your list of faves? Are you doing the Rory Reading Challenge too?