Superhero Writers and Their Sidekicks

For those of us who love books, writers are pretty much our heroes. While writing is often perceived as a solitary activity, it turns out that superhero super writers do have sidekicks. That’s my own pint-size power pack of a Yorkie, Cocoa deVos shown above and below, take a look at some great writers and the special pets who keep them company.

Stay tuned until the very end to meet the “junior agents” who assist the ever amazing Kathleen Rushall with her agenting!

And now presenting…

Addie Thorley + Kato
Kato is an Alaskan Malamute/Timberwolf hybrid, and he is my secret weapon against plot holes. Whenever I get stuck, we hit the trails and *poof* problem solved. Sometimes that *poof* may not come for 5+ miles, but Kato is more than happy to walk it out with me.
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Alisha Klapheke + Natchez
Natchez is a tabby who loves to swirl around my ankles as I create worlds. She is like a stress absorber. Here she is, making me lie down and chill.
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Amy K. Nichols + Hobbes & Hamish
Hobbes and Hamish are my constant companions, distractions and entertainment as I write. When they’re not snoring loudly on the couch, they’re either asking to be let out and in ad nauseum or requesting back rubs. That’s right, regular full-body dog massages. If they don’t get what they want, I don’t get what I want: to write. Overall it’s a mutually beneficial relationship, though. They get to zen out. I get a reminder to stand up and move around. We both get cuddles and love.
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Diana Pinguicha + Norbert
Norbert’s my biggest fan – he even types into my books sometimes! Otherwise he just scuttles close to my neck and sits there, or climbs onto the top of my head for a better view. Unlike my cats, who just stare at my with disapproval in their eyes.

(that’s a yawn in the pic, btw xD)
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Emily Moore + Diesel
This is my Australian shepherd Diesel, who reminds me to never be too serious and to always take breaks so I can scratch his rump.
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Hillary Monahan (writes as Eva Darrows) + Fielder
This is Fielder. He’s never out of my shadow, so whenever I have a down/thinky moment, I can turn around in my desk chair and pet his (stinky) flank while I suss things out. He’s a good boy.

Jen Vincent + Perdi

Our puppy, Perdi, reminds me to slow down and savor life. We go on long walks at the dog park where she runs free and I put my phone in my pocket, breathe in the fresh air, and let my brain unwind. And then I come back to the page refreshed, invigorated, with a clear mind and a full heart.
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Kristy Acevedo + Milo
This is Milo the cat, named after Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth. We adopted him from a shelter two years ago. He’s my buddy, the kindest and most mellow cat you’ll ever meet. Milo keeps me organized. I always have to put away my writing notes because he will shred any paper left out. He also interrupts writing sessions for attention by sitting on my keyboard, thus forcing me to take much needed breaks. But most of the time, he sleeps beside me while I type.
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Laurie Elizabeth Flynn + Abra
Abra (fondly known as Abby!) is an 11-year-old Chihuahua who has been the best companion, cuddle bug, and writing buddy I could ever hope for. She’s generally spunky and vibrating with energy, but will happily relax on my lap when I sit down for a writing session (even if occasionally her paws make their way onto the keyboard too). There’s a reason I mentioned her in my acknowledgements for my debut, Firsts– because she was pretty much attached to me the whole time I was writing it. Abby never fails to make me feel loved and special, even when I’m having the worst day. Every writer needs a support system like that!
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Michelle Hauck + Robin & Pippin
Writing is a lonely business, requiring undisturbed time. I usually write early in the morning when the kids are in their rooms, my husband is at work, and the house is quiet. Sometimes too quiet. But Robin and Pippin are always there to keep me company. They follow me when I leave the computer to think up the next words, and give me an excuse to get up and stretch with their demands to go outside. They keep me from talking to myself and looking like a lunatic. A writer’s best friend is their dog.
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Natasha Raulerson + Storm
Storm is my favorite little writing buddy. She’s a 13 year old dachshund who came into my life at two months old. Without her, I wouldn’t have written any of my novels. I wouldn’t have had the courage to send off queries and enter pitch contests. Seriously, I talk to her all the time. She knows all my plot and personal secrets. More than a best friend and writing companion. She’s family.
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Rachel Lynn Solomon + Wally
Wally, my 8-pound chihuahua/rat terrier/mystery boy, is the sweetest soul. He gets jealous of my computer when it’s in my lap instead of him, so I will often maneuver things so I can hold both of them. I never really liked the outdoors before adopting him, and now my best ideas come to me during our long walks. I love this little one so much!
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Rebecca Waddell + Yoda
Yoda isn’t totally helpful, but he’s really cute
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Riki Cleveland + Socrates
This is my kitty Socrates, who looks all adorable and angelic in this photo, but in reality is much less so. When I’m deep in the zone writing, he can be found pouncing on my hands over my keyboard or chasing my computer mouse around my desk. I’d love to say that he and I sit side by side sharing the same patch of sunlight and that he purrs gently in quiet writing companionship, but in reality I often have to leave the house to write because this adorable little stinker thinks moving fingers are for play. And typing is prime time for pouncing. Nevertheless, he and I are buddies and I’ll come home from a few hours of productive writing time at my favorite coffee shop to tell him all about it. And he tilts his head just like this and loves it.
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RuthAnne Snow + Spencer & Scout
So I have two–the brown and white is a male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Spencer (5 years old) and the black and white is a female Springer Spaniel named Scout (10 months). I gave you way more pics than you probably need, haha.

But basically they do two totally different things when I write. Spencer is the consummate lap dog, so he will just snuggle by my side or nap at my feet when I write. He’s endlessly supportive of my goals 😉 Scout, on the other hand, is still a puppy and a high-energy hunting dog to boot, so she forces me to take breaks and clear my head on walks or trips to the park. Sometimes Scout can be too distracting, but luckily my husband can take her when she gets too naughty and I need to keep working.
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S.D. Grimm + Nemo & Kory
Nemo (bottom) and I have a really strong bond, and the way he looks at me makes me think sometimes he’s trying to understand every word I say. That’s why he became the inspiration for the wolf character in my novel, Scarlet Moon. And the fact that certain people in that novel can mentally bond to animals–that’s all him. Well, moslty him.

The second picture (top) is my little mutt, Kory, aka Falkor.

He is my suggler. He keeps me company when I write, sitting with as much of his body tocuhing mine as dogly possible. In the winter he is my little space heater. These things are important when your office–er–bat-cave is in the basement.
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Shari Green + Mac
Mac is a Brittany Spaniel. He’s 12 yrs old. Mac helps me meet my writing deadlines by curling up at my feet and falling fast asleep so I can’t push back my chair from the desk — he’s old, and I hate to wake him…might as well stay at the desk and keep working, right? 😉
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Susan Gray Foster + Thumper
My constant writing companion is Thumper, an eleven-year-old Bichon-Poodle mix, always beside me on the couch as I type away on my laptop. Before sending any important email (such as a query letter), I rub his head for luck, and I’m sure this led to me finding my amazing agent. My only hope is that he’s saved enough luck for himself to see him through some serious health issues and keep him by my side for many years to come.
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And finally…

Kathleen Rushall + Abe & Finn
The German Shepherd is Abe, also referred to as Big Dog, also known as “Bigs”, for short.

The Australian Shepherd is Finn(y), also fondly referred to as “Fur Pig” because he rolls around grunting and he likes to root through our vegetable garden as if looking for truffles. Plus, he gets rounder and fluffier every year.

These guys keep me company while I read manuscripts (will work for biscuits) and make sure my mail goes out on time (they are experts at the mailman’s schedule). I couldn’t love them more!
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